Day 66: Retail therapy

I woke up today and the day is all mine.  There is nothing to do, no plans, no appointments, there was absolutely nothing on the agenda.

I decided to put the top down and head up and grab my  favorite iced coffee.

As I was driving I was struck with the thought, I no longer want to be defined by my past.

Yes it is a part of me, but it is not who I am.  I respect it, I will always remember it, I have learned tremendously from the experience, and I will always love Mr. Wonderful.

But I no longer want to feel like I’m that girl everyone pity’s because of my situation.

I am so much more than that and I intend to continue to prove that.

It was a fabulous drive, on the way back home I received a message from the Spa girl.  She asked if I wanted to meet up with her for a little shopping and maybe some lunch.

I had shopping bug so I jumped at the chance.

We met up and went to town.  Dresses, belts, pants and shirts were flying.  Before I knew it we had hit 3 stores, and I had trophies from all of them.  This was just what I needed to clear my head and feel like myself again.

It was time to take a break and enjoy a nice meal and a cocktail.  During lunch, you guessed it, the topic of the show I want to create came up and once again I gathered a few more ideas and the help to get it all off the ground.

This fabulous female support is beyond words.

Once again I found myself surrounded by a beautiful woman willing to help me make my dream come true.

Before too long we had hit the shopping wall and somehow we started talking about dating (I wonder how that happened). 

She is happily married, so I had to fill her in on the details of my life in dating pergatory.  With 20-somethings and 50+ somethings hitting on me and no one in between… scratch that… if they are my age they look like they are in their 50’s.

Mid-conversation the Spa girl said ‘I hear that place is good to meet men’

I half heartedly agreed because I’ve always thought it was a spot for the ‘older crowd’.  But then again, I guess I am part of the ‘older crowd’ in some respects.

Once inside we sat down and ordered a glass of wine and continued our conversation.  After perusing the available offerings I decided it wasn’t exactly the place for me to pick up a man, at which point the Spa Girl offered up her former brother in law as an option.

I agreed, because what can it hurt right?  As my mom would say ‘it never hurts to make a friend’.

When the day was done I found myself reflecting on the fabulous week I’ve had.  Every day I was amazed by the women surrounding me, lifting me up, and holding me, what a fabulous feeling.

Now all I have to do is follow through with the idea, and the help…. and shop for shoes!


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