Day 65: Bacon clouds my brain

My life and my world has done a 180 in the past year, and because of how busy I’ve become there are days when I feel like I’m dying a little inside… and today is one of them.

What once was ambition and excitement over the proposition of a new show, has been quashed and smothered by all my other activities including the one today.

I’ve gotten myself caught up in the middle of a podcast, where I videotape cooking segments.

It started as a harmless way to spend a few hours on a Sunday, eat some good food, and spark my creativity.

Now I feel like it has turned into a part time job.  The guy in charge is very serious about it, but it’s certainly not my prime focus which I’m sure is frustrating, not to mention unfair to him.

The perk is eating fabulous food from some of the cities top chefs.  The down side is it is 4 – 6 hours on a Sunday, and another 4 hours sitting at my computer editing the video.

At the age of 39 and 5/6 I am really not interested in doing things that don’t bring me joy, and this is one of those things at the moment.

Saying no is not always easy for me and today it was particularly difficult, because the episode involved bacon…. and who doesn’t love bacon?  I know I do!

This was some of the best bacon I’ve ever had, and this delicious pork product has a way of mixing with certain midwestern chemicals in my brain clouding my judgement.

So today, I found myself enjoying the food, but still thinking I needed to find a way to eliminate or at least cut back on my responsibilities.

As I walked in the door tonight I found myself wishing for a man to enter my life so I could have a tangible excuse to cut back and something consistent to create some balance in my world.

That thought could also backfire on me, bringing more chaos to my life, and if there’s good food and bacon involved I may have to invite the dude to join us for our Sunday afternoon fun.

After it was all said and done I raced over to the BFF’s house for a little cat sitting, with 2 sets of coupons in hand.  I needed to hit the grocery store, but I wasn’t sure I was going to have the energy to do the shopping when I was done.

Instead I ended up going the Sonic coupon route.  Going from some of the best pork in the state to a fast food hot dog smothered in chili and cheese, what a difference a few hours makes.

Maybe I shouldn’t quit the podcast, it is a great way to eat some fabulous food!


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