Day 62: Embarrassed by hair clips

Before I ran out the door this morning I put a few hair clips on the top of my hair to add volume in the back.

One of the guests on the show said it was a good thing to do on the drive into work.  I know myself pretty well, and was concerned I would forget they were there until geez I don’t know… about noon probably, so I made a mental note to remember to take them out before I got out of the car.

As I got to work, the thought to take them out quickly entered my brain, but I was in such a hurry to get inside I forgot.

I walked in, wearing my new outfit from my weekend shopping spree, and feeling pretty good about myself.

I sat down, chatted with the Cheerleader, Sunshine, our intern, even the director and they all commented on the outfit, but no one said anything about the clips randomly placed on the back of my skull.

Eventually I went into my bosses office, and mid-conversation I realized they were still in my hair.  Embarrassed I immediately pulled them out and explained why they were there, which went right over his head.

I might as well have been trying to explain nuclear fusion, as far as he was concerned.

As I left his office I asked the other girls why they didn’t say anything.

They responded with ‘we thought it was part of your outfit’

‘What?!  Seriously?  Come on now.’

Do I really look like a girl who would be parading around with 3 different colored hair clips in the back of my hair, lined up like little soldiers, serving no purpose?

Maybe I need to re-think my style, if that was something they thought was part of my look.

I immediately informed every one of them, this was not, nor shall it ever be part of ‘my look’ and if they ever see me with those clips in my hair they should definitely say something… or at the very least rip them out.



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