Day 61: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

All day at work, the only thing I could think about was hitting the couch.

I was exhausted, and to say I was dragging would have been the biggest understatement on the planet.  Thinking about driving home made me tired.

For some reason I thought cookies were the super fuel, so much so I kept shoving them into my mouth, one after the other.

I’m sure I looked a little like Cookie Monster, with crumbs flying out of my mouth, and my hands flying so quickly they were a blur.

Despite the slight sugar rush I was getting I was still torn about whether I should go out for St. Patrick’s Day.

I wanted to go out and celebrate my heritage, but the thought of doing anything but falling asleep on the couch seemed unappealing.

Then I got a text from the Pixie ‘Are you going out for St. Patty’s Day?’

Me: ‘Not sure, can’t decide’

Pixie: ‘I look cute but I want to do something low key’

Me: ‘Sounds good, I’m exhausted low key is perfect’

Pixie: ‘Come to my parents for corned beef and then we’ll go out’

Me: ‘Perfect’

I really didn’t want to draw out the evening any further, but corned beef was in order on this particular day.

After we ate we hit a local bar and ordered a couple of Guinness’ to celebrate the right way.

Then… it was time for dessert.  Yes, dessert.  As if I hadn’t had enough dessert already there was more to come.

Creme Brulee’ was my choice.  When it arrived at the table it looked beautiful, the sugar was glistening on top like little delicious diamonds protecting a layer of decadent goodness, ready for me to spoon them up.  Then I looked off to the right and there it was, another cookie.

Seriously how many cookies can one girl possibly eat in one day?  I guess for me the total was 5… and a creme brulee’.

My how the times have changed, as I was entering my 30’s my glutenous behavior on St. Patrick’s Day came in the form of green beer, and here I sit entering the next decade of my life and cookies are my choice.

Now that’s something I never would have guessed.


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