Day 60: Friday at last

Friday couldn’t come fast enough for me this week.

Not a day has passed where I haven’t felt like something was sucking the life and energy out of me.

There is a ‘super moon’ happening tomorrow, I suppose that could be playing a role, the bottom line is it doesn’t matter what is causing it, it’s happening and I need to do something about it.

The BFF called asking if I wanted to grab some dinner after work.  Once again despite wanting to go home and pass out the thought of enjoying a nice dinner out with a friend on a Friday night seemed fabulous.

We decided to meet at a nearby restaurant, which just happens to be owned by a guy who may now be in his 30’s, but a few years ago when the Cheerleader tried to set me up with him was in his late 20’s.

As we went out on our first and only date, I distinctly remember him saying ‘I want to be retired by the time I’m 40’, at which point I ordered another drink.

She arrived first and texted to let me know where she was sitting, I replied ‘order me a Kim Crawford’, I was in desperate need of a glass of wine.

I arrived at the same time as the wine, before we could put our order in my glass was almost gone.  Uh oh… not a good sign.

At that point we decided it may have been a better idea to order a bottle, because they had already poured another glass out of it we were left with continuing to order by the glass, or ordering a bottle in addition to the glasses.

After much discussion, well not really, we opted for the bottle.  I don’t know how we managed to drink 6 glasses of wine between the two of us but we did, and I have to say it was fabulous.

We talked about her upcoming wedding and my upcoming birthday.  Plans for both are still very much up in the air, each of us just needs to nail down one thing in order to move forward.

It’s a little like my life right now.  I can’t seem to move ahead with anything because I keep jumping at the opportunities that pop up in front of me.

If I could nail down and stick to staying at home for a night and doing what I need to do my life may be a little less chaotic… but that will have to wait for another day.


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