Day 58: A surprisingly encouraging day

Today I woke up not looking forward to what the day held in store.

I was going to the podcast to shoot some video.  Even though todays chef was going to be pretty extraordinary I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it.

I got out of bed and grabbed my coffee, then headed over as soon as the time was right.

As bad as last weeks’ episode was, this one was good… very good.  It was as if the two chefs had worked together for years, they had great chemistry together, and the guest chef came prepared to make 4 meals.

It was going to be a lot of work for me, but if it was good tv… and it was… I didn’t care.

When it was all over, I felt like a stuffed pig.

I left for the night with baggies of bacon, pork chops, lobster rangoon mix, and cooked pork belly (translation=really good bacon).

Ok, sounds great, but I have no idea what to do with these fabulous ingredients.  I am always inspired to cook, but don’t really have the knowledge to succeed the way I should.

I did manage to make it to the grocery store to pick up a few things to hopefully make something to go with the protein platter I left with.

Todays experience left me questioning whether I want to stick with it, because I did have fun.  The more I think about it, I will need to do something more than just my project if I want to be successful on my own someday.

I put it all aside and figure I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

As I was relaxing for the night I got a call from the Encourager.  She’s got a really big interview for her dream job coming up and she is having terrible anxiety about it.

For the first time in our friendship I was the one on the opposite side of a conversation that centered around anxiety and over-analyzing every aspect of a conversation or experience.

I have to say it was strange, usually the situation is reversed.  At one point I even said ‘I feel like I’m talking to myself!’

We talked about everything from people she theoretically thought may be up against for the job (who aren’t really in the running), to concerns about what to say, and how not to screw things up.

She needed me to calm her down, focus her and ground her and I did that.  By the end of it, her uncertainty had turned to confidence and I have no doubt she will do this.  She is perfect, not to mention more than qualified for the job.

I was left feeling a bit empowered myself, knowing I was the one who helped her with what may be one of the biggest pep talks of her life!


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