Day 57: Always a bridesmaid….

I’ve been on many shopping trips in my day.  Jeans, bathing suits, dresses… you name it I’ve done it… I’m a shopper, but today was different.

Today I was going wedding dress shopping with the BFF.  In college I always said I would be the last to get married, and this upcoming wedding proves it all to be true.

The last of the Mohicans is jumping into the marriage pool, and I have been honored with helping her choose a wedding dress.

I was there with her sister and mother.  We watched her try on a few dresses, then she came out with one I absolutely adored, but something wasn’t quite right about it.

It wasn’t fitting perfectly.  There were a few wrinkles in the slip underneath the dress, and she wasn’t sold so we went back to a previous dress.

I liked it, and so did everyone else, but again… something just wasn’t right, then the salesperson went to grab a sash… and that sealed the deal.  It added just enough to take the dress to the next level.  It was perfect, and it brought tears to our eyes.

From there the rush to find the bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses was on.  Right now, the BFF’s sister is the only bridesmaid, but she wants more, she’ll just need to coordinate it with her fiancee.

If she gets her way I’m in… taking my total bridesmaid appearances to I think… 7?

But at this point that’s not the case.  I said I could be a flower girl, I’ve never done that before!  Everyone laughed.

The 4 hour shopping experience was over, and it was a success.  With the bride…  bridesmaid and mother of the bride all getting dresses.

When I got home I busted out a glass of wine, and that’s when I realized my fridge stopped working… perfect.  At least the wine was still cool.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize it until I was a glass and a half in and it was time to try to find a temporary solution to the problem so I set out to the nearby convenience store.

Inside I explained my situation to the clerk after contemplating the blocks vs. cubes of ice.  He steered me toward the blocks and then as I was checking out he asked me a few questions about working in the tv business.

I was wearing a sweatshirt with my stations’ logo on it.  He seemed to have a bit of a conspiracy theory going on.  He asked if there was any information we were told to hold back on during the events of 9-11.  I have to say it was a bit bizarre.

I don’t quite know what people think our job consists of but it’s not like we are able to tap into some secret source and the government shuts us down when we run across something that isn’t what they want us to report.

But for some reason people seem to think there is this legion of journalists who have this vast covert knowledge, but we’ve been threatened with our lives to keep quiet.  Come on… seriously?

It’s crazy!  And I was ready to race out the door.  I have champagne and cheese that needs to be chilled for goodness sake!!

Once at home, I quickly transferred as much of the food as I could into the cooler in hopes it will preserve some of it.

I guess red wine is on the agenda the next few days.


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