Day 51: The perfect pair of shoes… now where is Prince Charming?

Today we are heading back to the bridal shop to try on accessories with the bridesmaid dresses for the BFF’s wedding.

This is the 3rd time we have been back.  I love her like a sister, but all of this wedding stuff feels a bit like there’s a neon sign pointed at me saying ’40 year old never been married’ right here.  At least I won’t be the oldest bridesmaid… there is something to be said for that… although I will be the only single one.

We made quick work of the dresses, and quickly went on our way.  We met up with the BFF’s fiance, and her sister and brother in law for lunch.

I knew I needed a beer so I quickly perused the menu and the ‘Nutty Brunette’ jumped out at me.

It looked a little dark for my taste but I knew I needed to have it, probably because it reminded me a bit of myself.

When it came time to order, I went for my usual, the mac n’ cheese with bacon… and the Angus beef sliders… yes healthy was the name of the game for the day.  Hell, I just tried on a dress for the 2nd time knowing I’m going to be a 40 year old bridesmaid I needed the comfort food.

Thankfully I didn’t gorge myself with all of it, there were some leftovers which I set in my car on the way to the shoe store.

Now it was time to get down to business… shoes were calling my name.

We found the ones we’ll be wearing with our dresses and they are very cute.  They aren’t exactly my thing, because they have cute little ruffles on them but when I put them on I knew they were the ones I was going to get.

They were sexy and that’s about all I needed to know, a good pair of sexy shoes can make you feel sexy… and if I’m going to be a single 40 year old bridesmaid, I’m going to need them.

After our mission was complete we hit the clearance rack to see what bargains we could find.  I immediately honed in on a pair of flat gladiator sandals with a zipper up the front.

I snatched them from the box and put them on, they were perfect!

Michael Kors doesn’t do much I don’t like so it was no surprise I quickly fell in love with these shoes.  They were on sale, but they weren’t cheap but I didn’t care.  I deserve to splurge every once in a while right?  Besides they were soooo comfortable and they fit me perfectly!

At one point I really did feel a bit like Cinderella, how could a shoe be so perfect for my foot???  Now if only there were a Prince Charming on the other end of it, then I’d be in business.

I guess that will just have to be Michael Kors for the time being.


2 thoughts on “Day 51: The perfect pair of shoes… now where is Prince Charming?

  1. Lori says:

    Aren’t weddings the best place to pick up men? I think you need to bring your Neon sign with you and leave the light on.

    • So true. Thanks for bringing the reality back into my world. Although in my past experience at weddings, and I have been in 7, they haven’t exactly proved to be very successful… captain obvious says 🙂 Knowing the happy couple the way I do I would say I’m skeptical while remaining cautiously optimistic… is that even possible?

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