Day 50: A random day of meat and wild animals

It was a bit of a random day from the get go today.

I managed to wake up… and get out of the house on time today.  Maybe I could sense the vacation coming on.

Once at work it was a zoo… really.  We had baby mountain lions on the show which was a huge draw for the entire station.

At one point I looked up and the pretty boy reporter was in our area checking out the baby wild animals.

I heard him ask the zoo people ‘now this isn’t an animal you would declaw is it?’

Ok seriously?  Come on!  It’s a wild freakin’ animal!  Just because it’s been domesticated doesn’t mean it automatically becomes a house pet.  Proof that some people are meant to be seen and not heard.

After the show we all sat down for a carnivore meat fest, with the leftovers from one of the segments (not the mountain lions).  Admittedly I managed to eat more than any one girl should be allowed to ingest in one sitting, and I loved every bite of it.

Once again the crowds started to form for the food as it always does.  There is something about free food at a tv station that causes just about everyone to throw their manners out the window and charge through.

I think most people who work in tv would knock over pregnant women and children to get to a free piece of meat.

I heard a couple of engineers ask who scheduled the segment, I quickly piped up and said it was me… they responded with ‘we’re nominating you for employee of the month!’

The sad and funny thing about it is… I can totally see them doing it!

After work I called the Jet Setter.  We’ve been trying to connect for about a week now and the good news is… it looks like Italy may not be out of the question for the birthday trip after all.

It’s a bit of a long shot, but if I know her, she will do everything within her power to make it happen because that’s what she does.

Although I can’t wait forever I really need to make some definitive plans at some point so everyone can plan for it, including and most importantly myself.

After chatting with her I went straight to my dance class where I have completely given up flirting with our gay dance instructor.  I know it seems like an obvious thing to do, sometimes it just takes a while for me to connect the dots in my brain.  Thankfully I’ve realized this before it’s too late and I completely humiliate myself.

Another dance class… and another night of frozen yogurt for dinner.  The Cheerleader is a bad influence on me, every time we get together for a dance class she tempts me with the delightful dessert and I have no will power to resist her charms.

Meat-fest for lunch… fro-yo for dinner.  Sounds like the perfect ending to the perfectly random day.  Man I can’t wait for vacation for a little grounding and recharging.


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