Day 48: Welcome to baseball heaven

It was a long time getting to St Louis for the big game, but once I arrived I knew baseball season was in full swing.   There is a reason they call this city baseball heaven.

From the moment I stepped off the plane I was surrounded by it, sweatshirts and hats filled the stores in the terminal, and as I looked around there were baseball purses, hats, shirts, jackets, even cupcakes and cookies decorated to commemorate the beginning of yet another year of history that will unfold on the diamond.

There really is nothing like going to a game in this city.  As the excitement increased like a kid at Christmas, I knew I had to wait one day before it would become a reality.

My brother picked me up from the airport, and we ran a few errands.

We ended up eating lunch at Sam’s Club.  The total came to $4.32, I looked at my brother and called him a ‘big spender’ for buying my lunch.

The guy behind the counter proceeded to say he could bring out some candles and put them on the table as if we were a couple.  I thought about letting him know but decided against it.

Although it was somewhat appropriate because in the eyes of Sam’s Club my brother and I were married for a while.

Now now before you jump to conclusions, it was strictly a business decision.

Neither of us is married, so we share the same last name.  As part of my mom’s business she purchased memberships for all of her employees (which includes my brother) to add a spouse is either free… or a very limited expense.

She didn’t think there was any need to pay for a membership for both of us, since neither of us is married, so we become married to go on the same account.

The worst part about it all was when we went in to sign me up as his wife and get my picture taken for the card, the girl behind the counter knows people in my hometown (60 miles away) so we thought we were in danger of getting busted.

I eventually ‘Sam’s Club divorced’ him and signed up for my own account so I could get a discount on my Directv.

I have to say before the switchover, every time I used the card and they had to look something up (for instance buying tires, or a battery) I was afraid of getting caught.  Why are you married to someone in Missouri?   uh…


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