Day 45: Just like the good ole days

It feels like a Sunday.  I woke up and I was the only one home.  My dad went to an event in St. Louis, mom mom headed the other direction to eat ‘Taco Salad and drink crystal light with the biddies’ as she said.


I immediately plopped in front of the tv, in hopes of relaxing and forgetting the world existed.  It was a beautiful day, I considered going outside but then wondered what in the world I would do except walk around the pond in the backyard.

It seemed like a perfectly fine idea until I started thinking about snakes and other fabulous creatures that may be lurking in the grass and brush, at which point I decided I wouldn’t know how to handle it (since I’m a city slicker now).

So I stayed inside but decided to be productive, breaking out my laptop to begin editing video for the podcast I’ve been avoiding for months.

The goal was to waste some time getting to 3 p.m. when the Cardinals game came on tv.  I did a fine job of that.

Before long the baseball game had ended in a dismal outcome, but there was more sports to watch.  I flipped the channel to check in on the NCAA semi-final games.

My dad in the recliner, I was next to him on the couch it was as if it was 1987.  We talked about which teams we were rooting for, ‘I’m rooting for VCU because they beat Kansas’ I said.

It was no surprise to my dad, he jumped on the bandwagon with me.

We were 0 for 1, and it was time for the second game to start.  Once again there were no allegiances, ‘I think I’d like to see Kentucky win, they beat Roy Williams’ my dad said.

I immediately chimed in ‘yep, that sounds good to me, any team that beats him is fine by me’.

We went 0 for 2 on the night, but once again the memories and the familiarity of life in a simpler time was priceless.



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