Day 43: Monday, Monday

Back to work, and true to form it did not disappoint.

After a 2 day work week and a much needed 5 day weekend, I returned to find out we were short handed in our department and they needed my team’s help.

I volunteered because Sunshine was tied up with shows for the next few days so it just made sense for me to do it.

As I was switching hats from one show to the next, going back and forth, navigating the waters fairly effortlessly.

Partly because the folks working for the show I was helping had done most of the work.  Either way I had a thought that I need more from my job.  Something is lacking and I have to figure out how to fill the void.

It’s not that I’m unhappy, I love what I’m doing, I love the people I work with, and I love the show but I need a greater challenge and I have to figure out what that is and do it.

I ended the day feeling exhausted from my first day of work, so I immediately plopped down on the couch, grabbed a glass of wine and the remote.  I sat back and enjoyed the guilty pleasures of some DVR’d shows, and the vino while I contemplated my future.


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