Day 38: One step closer to a plan

It’s cold, and rainy and today is the day I plan to decide on my birthday plans.

After sleeping in I rolled right into a lazy morning filled with a small pot of coffee and reality tv.

Before long the BFF called to see if I wanted to do some shopping for jewelry for the bridesmaid dresses.

While I knew I had other things to do, I jumped at the chance because it was just one more day of procrastination I could add to my list.

We met up and ran a few errands, then headed out to hit the mall.

I don’t know how much time we spent in the jewelry store, but I have a feeling it was longer than any 2 girls should be allowed to spend.

The store was organized by color, and I’m pretty sure we hit every color until the BFF’s blood sugar dropped and we had to finish up and go eat.

By the time it was all over, I had purchased an owl ring, owl necklace, and a bracelet for the wedding.  What more could a girl want right?

After a quick bite to eat, we hit a few more stores and headed back home.

Once I was comfortably back in my house I settled down on the couch and started to think about the birthday plans.

I ended up taking some advice from Mr. Wonderful’s mom who said I need to first figure out who I want to be surrounded by on that day and then plan what I want to do around that.

It all seems so simple when you really get down to it.  So that pretty much means anything a great distance away is out of the question.

I finally settled on a weekend birthday festival, with a menu of a la cart events my friends can sign up for, that will keep the groups small and intimate and I can still do the things I want to do.

Happy hour, wine tasting/brunch, spa day and lounging by the pool all centered around a hip hotel.

Yes, I think that is it, now I just need to start planning or let others get to work.


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