Day 35: Lost and found

I have been looking for a pair of keys for a few weeks now.

They belong to a friend I dog sat for, and somewhere along the way I lost therm.

I remember switching purses and that’s the last time I remember seeing them.  In my head, I figured the cats must have batted them around the house or squirreled them away somewhere.

I looked everywhere for them, even in the kitties little hiding places and nothing.  I had all but given up, with the lasting hope they would turn up somewhere… someday.

The Cardinal game was on tv so I went in my room to watch it because I was recording 2 things in the other room.  While I was watching I found myself starting to clean out the closet.

Before I knew it I had 2 piles of clothes to take to Goodwill and the game was over.

I took my favorite place on the couch and started thinking about where those keys could be.

I kept going back to the purses so I went back in one more time to check the purses and make sure they didn’t get lost in a pocket.

First the black one, then the brown cross-body bag and nothing.  Before long I was sorting through the purses for Goodwill too.

I ran across one I really liked but had to give it up because it looked pregnant with my stuff in it.  I decided to search it for receipts and hadn it over to someone who could love it as much as I did.

Wouldn’t you know it, right there inside the purse were the keys!  I couldn’t believe it!  But the more I thought about it the more amazed I became.

Cleaning out my closet isn’t unusual for me, but cleaning it out in the middle of the week certainly is.  Someone or something had to lead me there and get me started.

To think about that chain of events is startling.  First, it was the game and the 2 recordings, then it was me searching for something clean to wear to the game tomorrow night, which led to the cleaning, sorting and trying on.

There are no coincidences… and that… is amazing.


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