Day 34: The Cardinals game

Today I am going to the game I missed on Monday night.

The Cardinals have one more game in this series and I couldn’t wait to go.

The Pixie was my plus 1 and as I was waiting for her to arrive at the station so we could go a co-worker walked by with 2 pizza boxes.

He had done a shoot at a restaurant and they gave him pizza to take home, he was offering it up to anyone who wanted it and I was starving.

‘Yes please!’ I knew I had to eat quickly because the Pixie would be there any minute.  About half way through the piece she called, she was pulling into the front lot.

I told her to stay put I was going to get my car and drive around to get her.  I knew I had a few minutes to finish the pizza as I was running out the door.

I didn’t want to be rude and eat in front of her so I stopped by the trash can and shoved a few more bites into my mouth stuffing them full like a chipmunk.

Then I looked up and one of the cute news reporters was walking down the hall.

Perfect.  There I was hovering over the trash can, in my baseball jersey, shoving a piece of pizza into my mouth like a homeless person who hadn’t eaten in days.

He looked over, cracked a smile and waved.  I wanted to explain what was happening, but sadly my mouth was full.  Great.

This isn’t a person I’m interested in so I don’t know why I cared.  It was more keeping up a professional work appearance.

Oh well, time to move on and go to the game.

Our seats were in the second row, along the 3rd baseline, we were about 4 feet away from the guy that fields foul balls for the team.

I perused the crowd checking to see if I was in ‘friendly territory’ and I noticed a younger guy in a Cardinals hat sitting in the row in front of us.

He looked roughly my age, and he was sitting with his parents.  Wow I was impressed.

Going to the games bring back so many memories of Mr. Wonderful and it left me wondering if I will ever find a Cardinal fan to date in Phoenix.

It seems a bit far fetched, and I’m well aware of that.  In fact, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to date another fan as crazed as we both were because the natural tendency would be to compare the two guys.

But it is so much a part of my life, my love, and my passion I’m not quite sure how to date someone who wouldn’t be there with me in spirit.

But then again, I suppose it’s not up to me, the universe will decide and in a short month or so I could know all about it, but first I have to turn 40 (ugh).


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