Day 27: Does the car make the woman?

The car has to stay another night in the hospital…. aka repair shop.  It seems one repair has uncovered more problems… perfect.

That means I’m driving the not so sporty rental buggy for another day.  I kind of like this car, even considered buying one as a second car as if I need that… or at least I would have.

I left at the same time as one of my co-workers today and we were pulling out onto the same street, I was going one way, she was going the other and we were stopped right next to each other.

As we were both looking to see if it was clear to go, I saw her catch my eye and she started laughing… really laughing.  I’m talking doubled over laughing.

I knew she had seen me, but I couldn’t imagine what could be making her laugh so hard then the window rolled down.

I quickly responded by rolling my window down, and through laughs I heard her yell out the window ‘you look 40!’

Ok I had to laugh a little at that one, but mostly because she was laughing so much.  Then I realized I was holding someone up behind me so I took off second guessing my second car choice and making a mental note to myself not to think I looked cool in the car.


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