Day 25: Nachos and the couch

I have a date with the couch, but before I get there I really need something to eat.

I was starving but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat… I landed on nachos with the works, extra cheese, guacamole, sour cream, chicken and black beans.

I couldn’t wait to get home.  In fact when I got home I didn’t even go through my usual routine of feeding the cats first I plopped down at the coffee table in front of the tv and started to devour my plate of cheesy crispy goodness.

And it was absolutely delicious… so delicious in fact that I cleared the entire plate in record time.  Bad idea… very bad idea.

They sat in my belly like a lead brick, causing me to fall in and out of consciousness on the couch.

Then I started craving chocolate even though I knew I couldn’t fit anything more in my belly I opted to grab the candy bar in the pantry with chocolate and potato chips.

Yes… chocolate and potato chips.  PMS can be a real pain and I feel like it’s only getting worse.

If I continue down this path, I’m going to be in big trouble.

I’ve already noticed a change in my belly.

Seriously I have no idea what’s going on?  I typically gain weight in my rear, but that area seems to be ok now days, my belly on the other hand… not so much.

What used to start as a day of bloating that turned to a fairly flat belly in my mid-30’s, has turned into a pregnant belly that reduces to a muffin top as I approach my 40’s.

I can’t figure it out.  All the fat seems to be on a slow migration upward, I can only hope it makes it to my ‘rack’ at some point.  That might be a nice benefit!

If I’m going to be poolside for the big birthday I better get serious about eating healthy.  I suppose a little exercise wouldn’t hurt either.


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