Day 17: Double booked

I woke up to a text from the Pixie ‘holy bloated batman’, immediately I laughed.

Beers and Mexican food definitely leads to bloating.  I couldn’t wait to see if I was suffering the same fate.

I am laying low this morning to prepare for 2 parties tonight.

Once again I find myself ‘double booked’.  I promised I would go to a food and drink party with the Pixie, and to another friends 40th birthday party.

I didn’t want to exhaust myself before I got out the door, so I hung tight at home.  I knew I needed to shop for a birthday dress, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Before long it was time to head to the first of the parties.  I put on a pair of jeans and a cute romantic floral top, and a pair of heels and headed out the door with my cocktail dress, and different pair of heels in tow.

It was a great gathering, very low key, which was perfect for me… but I had to leave because I made plans with the Pixie.

So I gracefully exited and headed to the parking lot.  I considered taking my dress into the bathroom to change, but then I figured that may look kind of funny, so I did what any girl would do… I changed in the car!

I pulled into a dark corner of the parking lot and managed to slip into my cocktail dress and heels and took off for the second party of the night.

The dress was a halter style and I don’t exactly fill out the halter if you know what I mean.

The entire night was spent making sure my shoulders were back so the dress didn’t gap and let one of the girls out to play.

I told the Pixie to keep an eye on them, and she did.  Unfortunately she noticed one of the girls was peeking out the door when her parents walked over.

She didn’t have enough time to tell me before they got there, so she did the next best thing she told me after they left.  Crap!  I spent the rest of the night paranoid they were going to pop out or were peeking out from the side.  Not good.

In hindsight I should have walked away and tightened them in the bathroom…. the problem was the event was outdoors and that meant a glamorous port a pottie was the option to do it.

I decided I’d take my chances on a wardrobe malfunction, which hopefully didn’t happen.

Before I knew it my double header was over and I was more than happy to head home and get a good nights sleep.

I found myself once again, happy to be out and about and getting dressed up for a night of fun.  It’s all making me realize I need to do the same for my birthday.


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