Day 16: The birthday dress

Last nights cocktail dress had me thinking.  I need something body hugging and sexy for my birthday party.

A few friends told me that a few days ago so it has been on my mind, but wearing last nights dress really sealed the deal.

I felt sexy in that dress (when ‘the girls’ weren’t trying to pop out), and that’s how I want to feel at the party.

So I got up and decided to hit the mall bright and early… the only problem is the mall isn’t open bright and early.

I managed to kill some time before all the stores opened, and then got down to business.

It was so funny, as I started shopping I got a call from the Pixie.  She said ‘lets find you a dress today’.

I was one step ahead of her, so she met me at the mall.  Then the BFF called wanting to know what I was up to… and she met us too.

Before long I had 3 sets of eyes searching for dresses instead of just one and they were pulling all kinds of fabulous looks I never would have tried on.

Then one of the sales ladies got in on the action, she pulled 6 or 7 dresses for me and I went to work.

One was cute but tight and I felt like my butt looked big, then there was another one or two that were sweet, then I tried on a black and white strapless mini dress… and that was it, but it needed a belt.

The sales lady thought so too.. ‘hold on’ she said and she darted down the escalator in search of the perfect accessory to define my waist and take the dress up a notch.

She came back with a few so I could get the idea, but not any I could buy to go with it.  I was pretty much sold but still needed to look to make sure I could find a belt and see what else was out there.

After an hour or two of shopping, the Pixie found a coral colored stretchy belt with a cute flower on it… it was absolutely perfect.  I had my dress.

Now I just need shoes… and maybe some jewelry… or not.  But one more thing is off the list with less than two weeks to go.

Holy crap.


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