Day 15: Dueling dresses

It’s a typical Monday with one exception, I can’t seem to get anything accomplished.

I tried all day long, and still… nothing.  I swear I am so distracted these days!

Thank God the birthday is just a few work days away because then at least I can get my act together again.

I did manage to show the girls a picture of my birthday dress.  There were audible gasps from everyone I showed it to, I guess that’s a good sign.  It certainly made me feel good about it… which is awesome.  It almost makes me excited about the party!

One of our interns asked me today if I was going to freak out like Bettheny Frankle did… I couldn’t lie to her… I quickly replied back with ‘yeah I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen’.

Although not outwardly, I never outwardly freak out.. that would be too normal.  I prefer to keep it all bottled up inside, where it can fester and cause giant red blotches on my chest 🙂

I decided to call it quits at about 5:45, then it was time to pick up the other oh so important dress… the bridesmaid dress.

Not that I couldn’t be a married 40-year old bridesmaid, but for some reason this just all feels a little weird to me.

I know it shouldn’t, and it most certainly isn’t about me but it’s kind of strange to be planning a 40th birthday party and trying on bridesmaid dresses.

But it is what it is, and I am honored to be a part of the BFF’s wedding, I just really need to get back this birthday and settle into 40 so I can ‘own’ the bridesmaid dress.

The tea leaf reader said Prince Charming is coming as soon as 4 days after my birthday, I seriously hope she is right because I could really use that right now.


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