Day 14: A new chapter is dawning

It was our interns last day today and I was greeted with a smiling 20 year old with a goodie bag of gifts.

She purchased a bunch of items and let us all pick through them for the ones we liked or suited us, but there was one exception she explained.

She told me there was one thing in the bag that was specifically for me.  I opened the bag and knew immediately which thing had my name on it.

Yes, it was a little book full of things to do after I turn 40.  Perfect.  I suppose I will need some help navigating through the next decade especially since I’ve always been directionally challenged.

I took a quick look inside and had to stop myself from reading too much.  I figure it is the perfect poolside accompaniment to the end of my weekend birthday festival.

I ended up staying late at work to try to get a bit ahead, by the time I got home the sun was setting and my older neighbor was out working on her yard.

I pulled into the driveway and stopped to say hello.  Before long I was wondering if some day I would be her.

She’s not married, and I don’t see a ring which leads me to believe she never has been.

As we were chatting about our neighborhood she mentioned she bought her house when it was new… 41 years ago.

I replied, that she must really like the neighborhood to live here that long and she returned with ‘it was about all I could afford at the time, but it’s ok.’

I could certainly relate.  It was the smart thing to do, and here I sit a single lady just like her, although I’m guessing a good 25 years younger.

If I don’t get out there I could end up just like her.  Old and alone living with a herd of cats.


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