Day 11: Cinco de Mayo…. sushi?

At work today I realized, once again that I have a pretty cool job.

Before the show I walked into the studio to put my lunch in the fridge and a band we had on the show was doing a sound check.

As I opened the refrigerator door, I thought to myself, wow… these are guys people pay money to see.  They probably have some pretty big fans, and I’m about 25 feet away from them.

Not too shabby.

I had two passes to go watch them play at a local bar for Cinco de Mayo but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It was finals week and I knew there would be a lot of drunk young college students there, and I knew I would get irritated in a hurry.

Not to mention, it’s already starting to get hot so that would only make matters worse.  Strike three??  It was a school night.

There was a time when none of those things mattered… but not any more.

I ran some errands after work and headed home, I hadn’t been in the door more than 5 minutes when the BFF called.

‘We’re going for sushi, want to join us?’

I was exhausted and I just walked in but I was in the mood to not be in… so I agreed.

It’s funny because earlier in the day our director said she had worked out a pretty good plan for these types of holidays.

‘For St. Patty’s Day we go to a Mexican restaurant, and for Cinco de Mayo we go to the Irish restaurant.’

I have to admit I thought it was a genius plan, and there I sat on Cinco de Mayo eating sushi.

Is this what life will be like after 40?  Do you stop going out because you know you’ll get irritated on a work night?

I suppose it is better than acting like an aging college student… ala ‘Old School’.

The bottom line is, I was perfectly happy going home, but I would have liked to listen to some live music from the band.  Somewhere there must be a compromise… maybe it’s sitting in my backyard with a margarita and the stereo on.


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