Day 8: D-day

Today is D-day… literally ground zero for the year.  It is the day I have dreaded for 3 years, if I can get past this day I’m in the home stretch.  I’m one week away, and I’m home free.

Besides being in the final countdown, it is also the anniversary of Mr. Wonderful’s death.

For the past 2 years it has been a horrible day, one I have looked forward to with dread, but this year is different.

I think it’s partly due to my attention being focused on the big birthday, which in this case is a welcome distraction.

I didn’t make any plans for the day, I’ve learned it’s best not to, unless they are with his mother.

Since yesterday was a long day, I decided to sleep in and slowly wake up with a small pot of coffee.

Surprisingly enough I was feeling pretty good, so I decided to take my former intern Giggles up on her offer to get together for an early dinner.

In between the coffee and dinner, I called my mom.  This year held special meaning for me because of the significance of the day.

Three years ago my mother was by my side when I said goodbye to the love of my life.  I know she’s my mom and I don’t have to thank her, but I am so very grateful she was able to be there for me.

To say it was a difficult situation for her to walk into would be an understatement.  She had never met anyone but Mr. Wonderful, so she walked in to a hospital full of loved ones and had to face the unthinkable.  Yet she didn’t flinch.  She was there for me and that’s all that mattered.

I can never quite find the right words to express myself to her, so I always try to find just the right cards to convey what I’m feeling, especially this year when it all falls on the same day.

After my call, it was off to dinner with Giggles… the perfect ending to the day.

She is so full of energy and life it was a great way to distract my attention, although not completely.  I ended up telling her my life story, whether she liked it or not.

She was so sweet, so empathetic, and compassionate.  It was great to have an unbiased ear, and I think that definitely helped.

By the time dinner was over I realized I had made it through the day… seemingly unscathed through the help of unsuspecting friends.


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