Day 3: Staring Down 40-Fest begins

After work I rushed home to meet the girls so we can start out on the first leg of the Staring Down 40-Fest… wine tasting.

The Spa Girl, and the Pixie, met at my house, we packed up the Encourager’s car and headed over to pick up the BFF…. and we were off.

It was a short hour and a half drive, up the mountain.  We turned off the interstate on a quiet winding road, and the immediate reaction was that we were about to embark on an adventure reminiscent of a horror movie.

At least the reaction from a few of the girls, small winding roads are where I’m from, so it felt very comfortable to me.

The Spa Girl led us in the right direction, she kept saying she was smelling the wine…. aaahhh a girl after my own heart.

We hit the first winery and grabbed a ‘flight’, then we each grabbed a glass and sat down to enjoy a delicious cheese and meat platter.

Then it was off to the next winery… time was ticking away… and there was wine to drink.  We decided to make a stop and get some food in our bellies before downing more vino and it was a good call.

Harry’s Hideaway was our spot, we walked in to the restaurant and told the gal doing the seating we had 5 people.  Her response… ‘we don’t have room for 5 people’, and then we looked around.

The restaurant had a total of 4 tables in it, but she was happy to help us out by putting some tables together outside.

Many many stories came out during dinner and before long I realized why Adel had put us outside… we were the rowdy bunch.

Cars pulled up and the passengers knew it too.  A few even commented about us being ‘banished’, but we didn’t care.

Before long we had to hit the road and get to the next tasting room, to continue our rowdiness and we did not disappoint.

At the next tasting room we promptly got another ‘flight’, and we found out our host was also having a birthday, just a few days after mine.

We grabbed Yahtzee and started to play, a few little girls there with their parents were intrigued by the grown up versions of themselves.

They came over to our table and watched us, we befriended them, and before long we were all out on the dance floor rocking out to Justin Bieber played by the tasting room DJ.

And that’s when it turned south.  The Encourager is a bit crazy with the camera so she asked us to do a Charlie’s Angel pose, ok no problem… that’s cool we can do that.

After the Angels photo shoot, she ordered us to lay on the floor.  What?!  We all looked at her like she was nuts, but eventually one by one we all laid down on the floor.

We had no idea what the vision was but we certainly followed directions.  She wanted all of our heads in a circle but there wasn’t enough room so we ended up being a pile of women, with arms and legs wrapped around each other laying on the floor of a tasting room.  Nice.

I was sandwiched by the Pixie and the BFF, and I heard the Pixie say ‘the BFF’s foot is in my coochie’ and I couldn’t take it.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.

The best… or maybe worst part of it all is that we weren’t even drunk!  Sure we were happy, because otherwise we wouldn’t have followed the silly directions.

When we finally managed to pull myself up off the floor, I surprisingly found a random bobby pin in my hair… how does that happen?

I didn’t want to know.

What an amazing first start to the big weekend.  I can’t wait for the rest of it, to see what happens!


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Staring Down 40-Fest begins

  1. Loving your blog and thinking of you on your BIG Birthday weekend! So proud of all that you’ve done and honored to call you my friend. I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds! Congratulations and get ready to travel together for some birthday “Travel Therapy!”

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