Day 2: The big party

It was time to head home from our very quick wine tasting adventure, and in some respects I wished it didn’t have to end.

There is something about a good group of gal pals that can make a trip that much better.

Before we left town we stopped at Randal’s Restaurant for breakfast, before it was over the owner… and head chef… Randal was out at our table getting his picture taken with me for my birthday.  Funny stuff!

Before long I was relaxing on my couch for a little while getting ready for the big night.  The party of the decade… for me at least.

As 430 hit the race to turn 40 really began.  Rush to the hotel to check in and drop off the bags, then dart over to drybar to get my hair done, then back to the hotel for quick makeup the dress and then it was out the door.

At one point during the mad rush I found myself almost nauseous and I had no idea why.  This is the biggest event I have ever done for myself.

Once I walked into the restaurant I immediately calmed down.  One by one, people started to arrive.  What an amazing evening, I was surrounded by all the people I love and it was happy.

Before long I saw champagne being handed out, the Sweetheart gave the toast and I was teary.  I can’t express to you how lucky I feel to have such amazing friends.

Following the toast, was the cake and then a special gift from my close group of friends.

The BFF, Spa Girl, Pixie, Coffee Fairy, Sunshine, Perky, Sweetheart, the Cheerleader and a few others had pooled their money to give me an airline gift card…. what?!  Who gets treated like this?

I am so lucky and blessed I couldn’t have asked for a better evening, but it wasn’t over.

The dance floor proved to be a weird experience all evening.  Sweetheart kept dragging me out there, and I didn’t mind.  I love live music and I love to dance so it was perfect.

The first time we went out a young, short guy came up and asked if I was married.  I was so confused, it was such a random question to ask, then I realized I was wearing a tiny crown.

‘oh no… I’m 40’  uh… not exactly the best response I was later told.  He told me my dress was sexy and I looked 25.  So the dance floor wasn’t half bad.  Before long I repeated the conversation with another guy in the same group, it really was kind of crazy.

Our second trip to the dance floor ended with the band asking me to come up on stage.  What?!  I played along and had a good time.

It’s so funny 5 years ago I would have been mortified, embarrassed and would have crawled into a hole or just been so stubborn I wouldn’t have made it to the stage.  So maybe there is something about 40 that makes you comfortable in your own skin.

After my stage debut I was told the surprises were over.  Although I was told the same thing before the band. but it was all good.

By the time the night was over we were back on the dance floor a 3rd time with a group of Canadian businessmen.  What a strange turn of events.

But hands down the best birthday I’ve ever had.  There is something to be said for giving up control.  I had no expectations, and wasn’t stressed about planning what an amazing concept!  Wow there really is wisdom with age!


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