Day 1: I’m officially 40

It’s finally here.  Today is the day.  I am officially in my 40’s.

After a weekend full of events and no sleep I knew today would need to be low key, so I rented a poolside cabana and invited a few of the besties to spend the day relaxing with me.

The Pixie told our cabana boy it was my birthday, and he asked if today was actually the day and I had to pause.

I’ve had so many celebrations, and I’ve gotten so used to saying it’s tomorrow, or it’s Sunday that it took me off guard.

‘Yes, oh yeah, today is the birthday’

It was perfect.  We all sat around the table, exhausted and nearly staring into space.  We couldn’t figure out if we were still drunk or tired or maybe a combination of both.

We kept trying different combinations of drinks, and food to try to pull us out of the exhaustion.  Beer, caffeine, mimosas, food, noting seemed to work.

After it was all said and done I headed home to come down and relax from the weekend’s events.

I physically couldn’t do any more, not even go to dinner.

Looking back on the last 10 years I’m left knowing I have grown into a different person and one I really like.  Not that I didn’t like the 30 year old version of me, but this version is more refined with more wisdom and a greater appreciation for just about everything.

So many friends have touched my life, and I’m learning I have done the same for them.  What an amazing and wonderful experience.  I am so very fortunate I can’t even express it in words.  It’s like winning the friendship lottery.

I’m looking forward to taking these fabulous friends, some new, and some old with me through the next 4o years.


One thought on “Day 1: I’m officially 40

  1. Happy Belated B-day Denise. Age is simply a state of being and based on u’r blog u are an intelligent and powerful woman who is getting better with age.

    Hope u’r next 40 years are everything u want em to be.

    Shine Bright!


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