Several years ago something traumatic rocked my world.  I lost the love of my life to cancer a week to the day before my 37th birthday.  I waited 34 years to find him and he was perfect for me, we shared some amazing experiences together.  He stood by my side as I won an Emmy, and we took a 21 hour trip to St. Louis for a World Series game.  The world was ours… until it wasn’t.

When he died my world and my dreams for the future came crashing down around me.  What happened to the life we planned together, the family we hoped to have?  I couldn’t imagine how I could go on without him.

Before I knew it 2 years had passed and I was about to enter the last year in my 30’s… what happened to me?  3 of those years were fabulous… followed by 2 years of excruciating hell… not to mention therapy…. and a lot of wine and kleenex.  This blog was started to take a look at the last year of a decade in hopes of using it to move forward and I have.

A few short years after starting the blog I am living and working in New York, navigating my way through a new city, with new faces, new experiences and a new journey that will write the next chapter of my life. I hope you’ll come along and experience it with me.



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  1. Michelle Dudash says:

    Love your blog! I had no idea you lost the love of your life to cancer…
    You’ve got a great thing going here. Keep it up!


  2. Hello – There are few words to that can reach the depth of comfort when you have a loss that devastating. Sometimes other experiences and can help.
    When you have a sec, take a look at the raw story that Dorothea tells of loosing her soul mate at age 29. http://ht.ly/43XAh She is now 40.

    Bloggy disclaimer: I am a founding girlfriend on this site .. but please take the link in the spirit of a girlfriend reaching out to another other girlfriend & not a promo for the community.

    • Thank you Toby, for sharing Dorothea’s story with me. I can certainly empathize with her, and it always helps to know someone else has walked in the same shoes. My heart goes out to her for her loss.

      It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to face, but I do believe it has made me stronger, and appreciate so many other aspects of life and for that I am very thankful. I am also very blessed to have the opportunity to say goodbye, and that was a gift so many people, like Dorothea, do not have.

      Thank you again.

  3. Andrea says:

    I finally took the time to check out your blog and I love it!!!! You are a great writer, I always knew you were! Of course I haven’t read it all but I hope to little bits at a time. I think back to all our fun and goofy times and I miss you! Long live the MARTINI!

  4. wow, i just discovered your blog and your loved one lost to cancer. i look forward to reading your posts and please check out my endeavor with eva la rue (csi: miami star) to help college bound teens with cancer go to college with the national scholarship foundation we are supporting and promoting, as well as the regional efforts of beckstrand cancer foundation. ~ best, sarah nean bruce dir/producer (AKA your ItsaGlamThing reporter/informationist from SL)





  5. Denise,

    I just read u’r post & want to congratulate u for being the powerful woman you are. I lost my dad when I was 15 (he was my best friend, mentor, baseball coach and everything else).

    It took me years to understand and see the bigger picture in his passing. As time went on I saw the perfection in God’s plan. The person I am today and my role in this thing called life have been shaped largely because of going thru that experience.

    I know one day you will look back over your life with your boyfriend and find the answers to all of those unanswered questions.

    There is no doubt that your experience has paved the way for bigger and better things. I applaud your attitude and your outlook on life. There are lots of good men out there and I know when you’re ready, you will find the guy that is right for you to take you thru the next chapters of u’r life!


  6. elias says:

    i love those toilet brush holders you pictured – can you please tell me where you saw them? – would really like to buy one


    • Hi Elias

      Those seem to be pretty popular. I’ve received a few requests on where to get them. I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I believe they are about $25. I actually walked past them again the other day and considered buying one for the umpteenth time. Maybe someday I’ll splurge, I just hope it doesn’t scare my little furry munchkins 🙂 Thanks for checking out the blog.

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